Hen falls and can not stand up- found her covered in poo - please read for specifics

Jul 16, 2020
So firstly I will give you as much information on my beautiful lady. Secondly- any extra info I can and somewhere in the middle the symptoms and problems. Please bare with me

My hen Red (who I will refer to as from now) is 2 years old- she is very healthy and we have never had any instances to be concerned. Recently as of another post of mine you may not have seen I had to remove my silkie hen and her newly hatched babies to another pen (all hens could see each other )

Big red was really close to this silkie so I’m not sure if this will make any difference here. She used to protect her from the other two who often can be peckers.

I saw all my girls fine and as normal as ever- had to rush my dog to the vets for emergency surgery I came home half a day later to find my silkie had accidentally killed her chick - found my red laid on the floor near the silkie coop as if she was just enjoying the sun as all my chickens do but she was more to one side. Normally she sees me and comes over but she didn’t. I picked her up to find she had poo all over her back end, I managed to remove most and did (after speaking to a vet for advice) trim all her vent feathers at the back end. It is very warm and some had dried on hard that day. She is quieter than usual, if she runs she falls and she could not stand back up without help. BUT Today- I witnessed her stand- so I was very happy- (it has been 2 days since it started) I managed to get someone to have a look at her and they can not see mites or anything visible that could be causing this- (they did not say it wasn’t that) I assumed possibly gleet vent but I’m no expert. She’s eating fine and drinking fine and I can’t see an injury but she does seem like she may be anaemic slightly going by her wattles but again I’m no expert. Would trimming her vent feathers affect her balance?

She is walking very slowly and cautiously and her vent IS clear but she is not laying, I can’t say for sure for how long as 3 hens live together and sometimes we get 3 eggs sometimes we get two and some of them lay twice in one day.

As I say she’s eating and drinking fine and I can’t find an injury/ she doesn’t seem to have lost weight at all- she’s just all not like her. I have given her extra vitamins and scrambled egg peas etc she’s been eating grass with no issues at all. I have considered Mareks disease the vet did not think it was this I even considered bird flu but she has no real symptoms. If anyone can advise if this is a specific vitamin deficiency or a worm issue or anything I would really love to read. I usually feed them a layer feed with wormer in every few months. I can’t find an injury but I am worried she may have fallen or something and hurt herself. She’s okay right now- as in she’s up walking and eating etc. but any info help or advice would be fantastic. Thank you.
Could this be something as simple as heat related?

Ps- there were no maggots or flies or anything around her rear end she had a thorough check. Picture was her this morning as I had her out alone trying to see for any visible leg injuries or hip injuries etc. she walked almost normal but did keep twisted her leg / knee out to the side when stepping forward. Her feet look fine- so again anything is helpful. Thank you


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2 years old

She is walking very slowly and cautiously and her vent IS clear but she is not laying,
If she's not been laying eggs, then she may be suffering from a reproductive disorder like EYP, Cancer, Salpingitis, etc. which can be very common in laying hens.

Provide supportive care - make sure she's eating/drinking, see that her crop is emptying, check for lice/mites and have your vet run a fecal float to see if she needs to be dewormed.

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