Hen getting picked on by other hens

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  1. Audrey Watson

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    Jul 11, 2017
    I have 8 hens. One of them is always getting picked on by everyone else. Every time I try to put her back in with them her neck is pecked so much it bleeds. I’m now keeping her in a separate area with one of the younger hens that was just introduced. She is let out to free range with everyone else and they ignore her then. We have three chicks that have not started to lay that have just been introduced. They are fine with her. We also have 4 other adult hens who pick on her. I can’t keep her separated forever. Help!
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    You are actually off to a good start. You just need to understand a bit more about bully/victim dynamics to carry things to a successful conclusion.

    Having had my share of victimized hens, I finally figured it out. I concentrate more on the victim than on the bullies. Here's the article. https://www.backyardchickens.com/articles/chicken-bully-chicken-victim-a-two-sided-issue.73923/

    Right at present I have a tiny hen that has been bullied by the others. She has very hard molts, so her self confidence has been shaken due to low energy. But after a few weeks of periodic "vacations" in the seclusion pen inside my run, she is now standing up for herself again against the bullies.
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    I’d do a complete check of her to make sure there are no mites/Lice anywhere. Quite often when one is bullied it is because they are sick and the others know it..... I’m guessing you know if there’s blood to get her the heck out of there? Good job removing her ,
  4. Audrey Watson

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    Jul 11, 2017
    Thank you!

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