hen going down:(


11 Years
Apr 10, 2008
Gold Hill, Alabama
one of my hens is going down fast. I was out of town a lot the last few months and didn't notice. She has a nasty poopy butt that really smells, and she is skin and bones. They have been let out to roam since the daylight savings time, and she has always gone out and foraged. I just found her smashed up into a corner and she won't move. I put her a smaller pen with lots of hay, water and some starter, thought the smell may encourage her to eat. I've been reading today about chicken diseases, and nobody else is sick! No way to remember how old she is it might just be her time. If it wasn't dark I would try to feed her some yogurt. But her feet are already curling. I'm afraid I'm too late....r
sounds exactly what mine had she was like that for 3 maybe 4 days in a corner not moving until she died, pasty butt, doesnt eat if i stick her head in water she will drink little but it didnt help in the end.. she had pasty butt and i washed it away it was back the next day so i left it she died prob 2 weeks after i noticed it, she was 3 year old chicken!
The poor ole girl passed during the night. She was old. I put her on a pile of hay last night and she seemed to enjoy it, about 10:30PM, I checked her and she had eaten some starter and repositioned herself. I really think she was happy not to be pecked on. RIP
nope, everyone else looks ok. we do a major check everynight, counting combs and making sure a varmint didn't get in etc... I've always looked at the poo, one I don't want to step in it...If another looks weird, I'll get a poo test. I live near Auburn AL they have a big vet school. But more important I have a good friend who is a veterinarian who would check it for me. I think this girl was at least 7 years old. r
Why not take her carcass for testing? That sounds like maybe egg-bound or maybe some sort of disease.
It cost money to have that done. And all the students are gone for the summer, asking the vet school to do one hen makes them groan. I grew up on a farm and I don't want to do it. If I had caught it early enough maybe I could have changed a few things. I do let my girls free range in the afternoon. The Vet. School frowns on that because of catching a parasite, viruses etc from wild birds. My vet friend will test the poo free probably, and I have two other vet buddies now that I think of it. This girl went out every time free range was offered. I have a old Plymouth Rock that is is so old, I know she has bumble foot, but I'm afraid it would be too much stress to treat her now. She does have a good life she goes out to free range, and loves her dust bath..... I don't cull like I should. The only thing I can say is I had been out of town on and off for 3 months. The youngest bird I have now is 3 years old. Heavy breeds don't always age well. And living in the South the heat is my worst enemy. I've been reading my books a lot. And living on the farm, she had a good life, I will keep a check on things. My husband doesn't understand farm things, he was taking care of the girls while I was gone on these trips. Bless him though he helps a lot. r
Wow sounds like she lived along time. I lost one the other day she was egg bound for the second time & the vet suggested to me to put her down. I didn't want to but I let him put her to sleep. Poor thing was sick & loosing weight. Never thought I'd miss a chicken but I do.

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