Hen has eye discoloration

Aug 8, 2019
So 2 days ago my wife bought a brown egg layer from a chicken swap. She brought it home and it escaped our quarantine pen. The hen was super wild and she couldn’t catch it on her own. We caught it today and noticed a gray coloration around here pupil. She’s very healthy otherwise. She was free with my free ranging egg layers for the two days and was close to my wife’s enclosure for her ‘fancy chickens’ and ideas or suggestions?
I would be a little afraid that it might be a carrier for Mareks disease. There is a type of Mareks that causes the eyes to turn grey, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It can affect one or both eyes. Since thing like an injury might cause eye changes in pupil shape and size or color, it would be hard to know if this is Mareks or not. Buying from a swap meet though is a little risky. Mareks is supposedly everywhere, but it is spread by dander and dust from the chicken, and extremely contagious. Since the pupil appears round, it may just be a little deformity, or injury, or from an earlier infection. Hard to know without a vet. Here are a few pictures showing possible ocular (eye) Mareks disease:



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Here is another picture of her eye. Her pupil is a strange shape. It looks similar the pictures you posted. Since she was free for 2 days, if it is mareks is whole flock pretty much infected? I’ve never had any experience with mareks before.
Oh my. I have to agree with @Eggcessive. That looks like ocular Marek's Disease to me also.

I had several hens and a rooster develop it. Here is a pic of Sassy with her 'funky' eyes.


She succumbed at 2.5 years of age from complications. I suspect the tumors that develop in the eye that lead to the misshapen cornea invaded her brain as she began to have seizures and stroke like symptoms.

Unfortunately if it is ocular Marek's, your entire flock is now exposed to the disease and carriers unless they were vaccinated as chicks.

I'm so sorry. I'm sure no harm was intended and sincerely hope that there is some other explanation of what the picture is showing.
Since it (Mareks) is spread in her dander, and if she was running around the coop and run, then it may be too late. But you could try to do some cleaning and perhaps use some Virkon-S to disinfect really well. It depends on your set-up. You could cull her, and get a necropsy done on her to get her tested for Mareks. Or you could do nothing, and hope for the best. Here is a link for the Virkon-S disinfectant tablets for water, and you can also find it eleswhere online and on Amazon which is more expensive, but free shipping with Prime:

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