Hen has green diarrhea and lethargic

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    One of my hens has been on and off lethargic for about 8 months sometimes she seems depressed and stays on her on at one part of the yard, the past few days though she hasn't been eating much and seems more tired she's barely moving and has started having watery green diarrhea, what could be wrong and could it be contagious to the others? She's sleeping in the same coop as the others

    The bits of stuff in the poop are layers pellets that fell on top of it when I was carrying their food out she didn't poop that

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    How old is your hen? Has she laid eggs recently? It can be hard to know what is going on with them, sometimes until after they die when you can do a necropsy and look at organs. Two common problems are crops disorders (impacted crop or sour crop,) and reproductive disorders, such as internal laying, egg yolk peritonitis, and ascites.

    Can you feel of her crop to see if it is empty, full and hard, soft or puffy like a balloon? Hold her and feel of her breastbone to see if it is prominent, and if she has lost weight. Also feel her lower abdomen between her legs for any fullness or enlargement. Check her around and under her vent for mites or lice.

    Does she walk normally or waddle, and prefer to lie around? Can she get up and down from the roost? Do you worm your chickens occasionally? I would try offering some fresh wet chicken feed along with some cooked egg to see if she will eat.
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    Ok thanks, I wormed them a month ago and gave her another small dose 4 days ago when I noticed the green poop, her crop feels normal, she walks normally but has been laying around mostly and isolating herself especially in the past week since the diarrhea started she hasn't had much appetite for anything I put in front of her except for dried mealworms but I'll try cooked eggs now, she laid a few eggs this spring but in the past month I don't think she's laid any she is 2 and half years old she does feel like she has lost weight, her vent doesn't appear to have lice or mites but her abdomen does feel a bit swollen, she's doesn't often lay with the other hens sometimes I'll find an egg in their coop floor or the yard which I think is hers
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    I agree with @Eggcessive . The fact that this has been going on for so long suggests it's probably a reproductive problem of some sort as mentioned before, including possibly a cancer. Often symptoms can be very similar and the answers are not had until necropsy. It is unfortunately not uncommon in laying hens, especially over the age of two.
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