Hen hasn't layed in 3 days


9 Years
Jun 3, 2011
I posted an earlier topic "hen is under the weather" and she isn't getting any better. She hasn't laid and egg since Sunday, is lethargic, puffed up, holds her wings low, and spends 98% of her time laying down. She lays in the coop and in the run, but never in the nest box. She acts like it is difficult for her to walk and stand up. She has a difficult time getting to the roost at night, which is easy for the others. I gave her a warm bath yesterday afternoon, but it really didn't seem to help any. She doesn't show any interest in treats thrown into the run, but she does eat and drink.
She is pooping, but it seems to be in small amounts and kind of watery. This is my first go-round with chickens, so I'm not really sure how to tell if there is an egg in there. I did check and I can't feel anything hard or egg-shaped.
Saw your other post. I think she is egg bound. Give her a warm bath & blow dry her. Keep her in a dog crate with a heat lamp, or something similar.
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She is bright eyed and shows interest in things around her. She just kind of sits there and looks around. She does not act like anything hurts when you check her out.

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