Hen having trouble laying egg! Please help!

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    One of my hens has been acting strange the past few days. She refuses to leave the box that she likes to lay her eggs in. I take her out into the run to make sure she eats and drinks, but after about 10-15 min she will return to her box. She seems healthy, she's able to walk, eat and drink. I did inspect her back side and felt what seems to be an egg protruding out of her vent. I'm scared that she's having a problem laying, if so what do I need to do? Should I try to remove the egg somehow, and separate her from the others? All my hens (I only have 6) seem to get along great, so there is not a pecking order dispute. If you need more info please let me know...........

    Please help, I'm really worried and would hate to lose one of my feather babies:( She's only 7 months old and a sweetheart, Thank you
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    if eggbound, step one is to get her warm, preferably warm and steamy. So in a box with a hot water bottle could help
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    A warm bath in the kitchen sink will sometimes do the trick. The warm water helps the muscles to relax. You can also use some KY jelly and lube up a gloved finger and gently insert it and see if you can feel the egg. Put the KY jelly inside her vent and this might also help.

    Keep her inside in a box with an old towel for her to lay on. Make sure she has food and water and watch her closley.

    If you don't feel an egg maybe she is broody?
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