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Jul 11, 2011
I have a Rhode Island Read and she is probably 3 years old. While she seems half-way perky, not drowsy or "blah", she's not using her feet much. She just kind of hops or drags a bit. She stays in the coop and last night she did 'bounce' over to get inside in the house, so she is mobile a bit. I just picked her up and put her in a nesting box but she did come back out in the outside area of the coop today. She's not been laying for a long time so egg bound isn't it, and her vent isn't swollen or anything like that. I checked it and while it's open, around it has black and very hard stuff but I don't know if that's just regular poo stuff or possibly something else. Does anybody have any thoughts on why she's not walking anymore and what I should do or look for??
She seems to be back to normal now. I've not given her any meds or vitamins for the last probably 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. She gets around just as she did originally. I'm wondering if I should possibly keep her on Calcium daily or periodically or just kind of see if it happens again? Thoughts?
What vitamins did you give her? Sounds like they worked
Good to hear.
I gave her Calcium, Selenium, and Electrolytes. Guess I'll see how she holds up. All seems to be good for now.
Good deal. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. You had a good description of her symptoms. I just had no idea what was up with her. One thing I have heard, is that hatchery purchased chickens tend to die earlier than farm born. I don't know that for sure, but the person who told me this said they only last a couple to three years.

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