Hen Heavy Breathing and Lethargic

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    Apr 3, 2018
    Hi All!

    Have been searching forum since last night, but could not find an exact answer. Symptoms;

    -21 Weeks old
    -Wheezing, breathing hard, dierrhea (although seems to be improving-pic attached), coughes sometimes
    -3rd day
    -Eating and drinking seems to be fine
    -Can't detect any runny nose or eyes - pic attached

    Food specifications;
    -Protein 17%, Fat 4.33%, cellulose 4.01% ash 11.49% and so on

    There are 60 hens in the flock and they have been vaccinated. A thing to note is this one is pretty small, some of the others are almost twice as big as this one even though all are 21 weeks old.

    The main concern for us is, we took her to the vet and he said it is ND and we can't do anything, but wait for her to die. But the problem is, vets around here are notorious for their inaccuracy regarding this type of animals(birds, chickens, pigeons etc) since their specialities are mostly with cows, sheeps etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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