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Jul 14, 2021
I’m new to owning chickens and I’m trying to determine if these chickens are golden comets “which I think”? Or isa browns?


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did some research, both types are hybrids.
Isa brown: rhode island red + rhode island white.
golden comet: rhode island red + white leghorn.

there pretty similar, one of the few differences is that the isa brown’s lay more eggs than the golden comets, (300-350 compared to 250-300) and that they have shorter life spans.

it’s pretty hard to tell the difference but i’m think the 1st and 3rd photos are golden comets and the 2nd photo has two isa browns. unless there the same chickens just diffrent shots… it’s hard to tell 😕
I think you have one of each. They are exact replicas of my neighbors chickens. White tail & specs looks like their golden comet and browner is the ISA (that’s my best guess).
Thank you all for the quick responses. I was just trying to find away to tell the 2 breeds apart due to the different amount of eggs each produce. There’s few more pictures of them. So I didn’t know they were the same?

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