Hen injured by fox and in shock


Aug 5, 2017
I have an approximately year old red sex link hen that was attacked by a fox approximately 6 hours ago. She sustained a wound to her chest and wing. I treated her with blue-kote and placed her in a wire dog crate in my garage up on a table with a thick layer of hay (which she is accustomed to) and her regular food and water. She has not pooped and she does not appear to have eaten. She may have had some water, but I am not certain. She's definitely in shock, the poor girl. She is one of 3 hens who was attacked, but she is the only one behaving this way. She was hurt the worst. The other two bounced back quickly and were treated and returned to the flock within minutes of the attack.

I am new to chickens and this is my first time dealing with an injury and the horrors of a fox attack. Thank heavens for my rescue mutt. He went after that fox like he was out for blood and chased him right off the property where he escaped within an inch of his life, straight up and over a 6 foot stockade fence!

I've been reading about keeping my hen warm when she is in shock - but how warm? I have the crate draped in saddle pads and she has insulation from the hay and she is out of the wind. Is this enough? It is dark in the garage, should I turn the light on for her? She does seem to be mildly worried by my barn cats who hang out in the garage on their heated bed. I could place her crate in my barn where she might be more comfortable mentally, but a fox can easily enter the barn (or so I've been told) and I don't think she would be safe. I have a heated pet mat that I could put partially under the crate, so she could move away from it if she becomes too warm... would this be helpful? My gut feel is to leave her as undisturbed as possible.

I did check in with my farm vet who assured me keeping her isolated and quiet with food, insulation and water was all I could do. I just want to make sure that I'm doing all I can. I feel so bad for her. She's a sweet chicken who lays the prettiest dark brown eggs. :(
Apply neosporn to the wounds and wrap it. She should be kept around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it dark and try and make it to were she is unable to see the cats. I would give her a half and halt mixture of Gatorade or Powerade and water. If she stops eating and drinking the first thing you can do is give her a treat with liquid in it such as watermelon or if she still drinks but won’t eat try feeding her uncooked oats. If she doesn’t take anything you will have to forcefully feed her and give her water.

Hope she gets better:love
Daisy perked up last evening after I left the light on for her and began eating, drinking and softly clucking at me! Her manure appeared normal. This morning she is much brighter, so I moved her crate out to the chicken stall in my barn so she can remain safe, but still hang with her peeps. I'm optimistic about her recovery. We got 18 inches of snow overnight, so it's unlikely Ms. Fox will return today. I'm also hoping her close encounter with my angry dog will serve as some prevention.

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