Hen injured from hawk attack, won't eat or drink


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May 7, 2017
Hi my hen was attacked on Friday evening by a hawk. She has wounds on her back and her feathers are ripped out. Poor thing. I took her in the house, put her in a nursery cage in my mudroom and treated her back with blue kote. She survived the night. She has not eaten or drank by herself since then. I have been taking a syringe and giving her water and some gruel of her food mixed with water. But, she won't take it by herself. She has a cross beak, so I can drip the water on her beak and it rolls into her mouth and she drinks it. getting her to eat is difficult, i will try small pieces of bread mixed with milk tomorrow AM and putting them in her mouth. She didn't want scrambled eggs, her usual favorite.
She doesn't walk around the cage, doesn't really move at all. I brought a heat lamp into the room yesterday morning and she moved to get under it, so I think she appreciated the warmth. How warm is best for recovery??
What should I do? I can't buy any antibiotics at the store, I need a vet prescription. I can consider a vet visit, but I know it will cost a lot of money-- money is tight.
anyone with similar experience?
Hi today she showed major improvement! Actually eating some scrambled eggs and breakfast my hand and pooped too. Now she is panting! Too hot now? It is like 72 in the room. Why else would a chicken pant?

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