Hen is Crowing--Male or Female?


12 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Hi folks. I decided to try having chickens this year and bought two chicks in March.

This morning, my Rhode Island Red started trying to crow. "Lucy" is three months old. I thought she was a girl, but now I am not so sure. No one around here, including me, knows much about chickens, so I thought I would post a picture of her and see if any of you folks could tell me.

And secondly, if she IS a he, I am going to have to get rid of him. I only have two chickens and I know they don't do very well by themselves, so I am worried about the other one, Penny. Is it too late to get another chick? Should I try to get another young hen?

I really appreciate any help you can give me.



wow id say boy too. id get another hen or two for her, i have mixed little mini flocks together with no issue. 4 RIR's and 4 frizzle mixes who are about a month younger. so far so good, everyone eats, sleeps and wanders around together. The 4 older girls even let 2 little ones take a dust bath with them. Super cute to watch them interact. Im in trouble though, since 1 of my frizzles is a roo, i cant keep him either. I have silkie chicks, who are 2 weeks old and im keeping all of them, roo or not! so i need to make sure i only have hens for now! Good luck!!!!
Don't you just hate those kind of pullets..darn things never lay an egg and crow at everything
it also has some nice saddle feathers coming in...I would try to find another closer to the same age and not a new hatch chick..you can go a month or so older or younger at this age without any real problems.
Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like it's unanimous. So you can tell by the comb and waddle?
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