Hen is sleeping while standing


Apr 29, 2020
NE Illinois
I'm new to chickens but recently had something similar happen. It's good you isolated her - if you haven't get her set up somewhere warm so she can relax a little, and give her her own food and water so you can see what she's up to.

We think my girl had a yolk problem due to running through her calcium stores. Recommend getting your girl some calcium in case it is an egg problem - 500mg or more tablet in the beak and make sure she swallows it; her crop will handle it.

Flagging @azygous, who gave me good advice and has been active on the emergencies board. Good luck with your girl.


May 22, 2020
Lakewood, Washington
Seeming lethargic can be from a number of problems. To figure out the reason, you can look for injury or an egg between her pelvic bones. Lopsided comb usually indicates infection in my flock, but it mainly just means sickness. The only thing you can do if you don’t identify the problem is to keep her comfortable and make sure she’s eating drinking.


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Jul 23, 2018
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My little hen has started to sleeping while standing , her comb is lop sided now . I isolated her from the rest of my flock she seems to be drinking but not sure if she’s really eating much .
Her crop looks pretty full. What do her droppings look like?
Just based on the picture, I'd assume a crop disorder. You will need to ensure that it is moving. Now that she's been isolated, leave her with only plain clean water and check to see if the crop is empty by morning.

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