Hen isloating herself from the rest of the flock

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    I have 5 layers that are all approximately 3 years old. "Henny" one of our ladies has began isolating herself from the rest of flock while put out to roam. She almost seems confused, while the others are pecking through the grass she seems to be constantly just looking to find something to peck. She is not overly excited about treats (meal worms) which is shocking. I have check for mites, her comb is the regular color, I do not think that is is molting. I have found one watery, white-and yellowish feces, but no presence of worms-that I can tell. Something is not right though. This has been going on for about a week.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

  2. Depending on her breed, she might be just getting old? Egg production slows down and she might just prefer her own company...As long as she is not acting really sick? She probably is fine...?
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    Hmm... sounds like maybe she can't see well? What breed bird is she?

    I'd isolate her in a wire dog crate right in the coop to keep her close to her flock mates.
    Observe her ability to eat and drink, and see what her poops look like for a day or so. Give her body a good looking over, check her vent and belly. Check her crop at night, and then in the morning before giving her more feed - crop should be empty in the morning.

    I like to use a wire dog crate with the tray removed and 1x2 cage wire on the bottom. Then you can put the tray underneath the crate where she won't step in her poops and you can better see what coming out of her. Wide mouth 1/2 pint canning jars make good feed/water containers for crated birds, less likely to tip them over.
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