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  1. Okay one hen keeps her mouth slightly open all the time and I know that they do that when they are thirsty and that may be reason but there is always water for her to drink so I'm not really sure what is happening ?
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    In the summer my chickens would open their beaks slightly, and my broilers sometimes do it underneath the heat lamp. I think it is a normal chicken behaviour, but something could be wrong if it is constantly "panting".
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    Not likely, but a tip might be to check under the Emergency section for "Gapeworm". If you search for a description, you can compare your hen's behavior with what is described - and treatment options are there also. Great group of folks over there...

    Secondly, if it is already warm temps where you are - she might be panting. Especially if she has darker colored feathers. Ever wear black pants on a bright sunny day? Yeah, it gets uncomfortable quickly! Panting behavior typically also has some heavier breathing involved which you should be able to see. When my Black Java's start panting, their whole body shakes and heaves.

    That's what comes to mind quickly. If I think of anything further, I'll repost.
  4. Thank you for the replies
    and there is something else when she eats her food in the morning or whenever (just the feed not grass)after she ate a little she would open her beak really wide and breath then she would go back to eating and she would breathe again through her mouth two chickens do this and is it normal ??? It has been going on for a while

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