Hen Laying Problem

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5 Years
Jul 23, 2014
the facts:

Black Australorp
1 year old
Last summer laid every day with her sister doing the same
This spring have been getting yolk in the box at times but no shell pieces. One time saw part of a soft shell. Don't think I've gotten a good egg from her in weeks.
She seems in great health...high energy... Eating...looks good... No visible issues.

Things I've tried:

She has and always has had oyster shell whenever she wants it and seems to eat a good amount of it
She gets good layer food with a little bit of grit in it
She gets access to the yard almost daily
She has Apple vinegar in her water and probiotic Added as well (recent addition)
Worrying about a possible fungal infection, I bathed her vent with a iodine shampoo recently. Everything looks great back there now and has for a while.

Her sister is laying daily.

So is she eating her eggs, need more calcium, have a bigger problem, or is this normal?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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