Hen making sound like crying baby/rubber chicken


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Aug 8, 2021
Our 4 mo old Prairie Bluebell Hen started making these noises this morning. (1st video was when she got out of the coop this morning, 2nd is a few hours later).

We have quarantined her to our "chicken hospital" but are unsure what to do from there. Only on year 2 of raising chickens and have not had to manage any illness until now! Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I read on a post that someone said there may be something in their airway so I did as recommended and gently massaged and offered bread soaked in oil to hopefully help comfort her struggling little wind pipe :(

She is having stridor, a sound when something like a small piece of feed or mucus is stuck in the airway. It should hopefully clear in a few hours or by the next morning. I would not give her any more oil, but just let her drink some water and eat as she likes. Let us know how she is by tomorrow.
Thank you so much!! I will update in the morning! I assume it is OK to let her back outside with the flock then?
She is back to her normal self this morning. Brought her back out to her flock and boy was she happy!

Thanks for the advice :)

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