Hen missing a toenail


Mar 24, 2020
New Jersey
I’ve noticed my silkie is missing her toenail. She doesn’t seem too care but I was wondering if I should do anything?


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Doesn’t matter I’ve got chickens with odd shaped toes but as long as they dont care and walking fine no need to do anything
Thank you! With her I usally have to give her a spa day with her feet. Not often but I usally clean her scales and toes getting all that dirt clumped up on her feathers. Some of her scales are raised mostly from pecking.
This is a bit late but I don't think it's a big problem. I had a hen that chipped her toenail off when she was a chick and it never grew back but she's completely fine and never had any issues. As long as it doesn't bother her she will probably be fine!
Losing a nail isn't usually a problem for my chickens. With just a couple of exceptions -- including once when I thought there might have been an overnight slaughter in the coop, based on the amount of blood -- several of mine have lost nails without incident.

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