Hen missing in the snow please help!

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  1. Cristin

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Last night my brother locked up my two hens Camilla and Diana in their coop so all seemed well. He did however mention that there was a strange rustling in the bushes nearby but it stopped when he went over. He said he heard the chickens in their house but admits to not looking in to see if they were both there. So this morning I got up and saw it had snowed pretty heavily overnight. It never properly snows where I am in Ireland so I rushed out to the hens to see their reaction to their first snow . But when I opened the coop only my barred rock Diana poked her head out, camilla nowhere to be seen. I almost died.. Ive been looking for poor Camilla for over an hour now but theres no sign anywhere, and due to the snow I cant see any tracks or even worse...signs of a predator. Im so worried about my girl (shes a lavender orpington btw) and seriously dont know what to do. Ive searched and called her, my other hen refused to come out of the house because of the snow so shes in the garage for now. I know that the most likely scenario is that my poor Camilla was snatched by a fox but Im not giving up hope yet, Im off school for the first 3 classes to search for her so I really need advice. Is there any way she just wouldnt come out because of the snow? or should I just admit defeat.. :( any advice would be great
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    I know you must be worried sick over her, and I'm so sorry for you and your poor little girl. I really don't know what to tell you, maybe someone else will. If it were me, I would not give up. I would continue to go out and look for her and call her, maybe even take some corn or rattly feed in something she could hear you shaking. She would probably be hungry even if she is hiding and might would come out if you shake the food where she can hear it while you call her. If something didn't get her she's probably not far away, maybe hiding somewhere warmer out of the weather. Are there woods around you? I've had to go down into the woods to find mine before, cause they were down there hiding on some eggs they'd been laying, getting ready to sit for 21 days. If something did get her you would probably see some sign of that wouldn't you? Hope you find her or that she just comes home on her own. Praying for you and your little girl.[​IMG]
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    Don't forget to look in the trees. She might have followed her instinct and roosted for the night. I hope you find her.

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