Hen molting in spring???

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I'm worried about my buff orpington, Sunnie. She has been losing feathers left and right these past few days. It's just like a molt but I didn't know they do it in the spring! She is acting healthy, (just grouchy!) she is eating and drinking but not laying. She is three years old. In these past two days she has lost her tail! Any thoughts at all as to why she is losing feathers??

Don't worry about it. It looks like she's molting. And like some fellow BYCers suggested, give her extra protein. She's not laying right now as all her energy is going into shedding her feathers and growing new ones. That extra protein will giver her a little boost.
Thank you everyone!!!
So it is ok for them to molt in spring then right? I always thought it was only in fall. I'll be sure to feed her protein!

Thanks again:)

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