Hen not acting right


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5 Years
May 29, 2014
I have a 1 yr.old Barred Rock hen. She is just sitting with her eyes closed making with her beak what would be a sound, but no sound is coming out.

When I picked her up she looks fine all over, but wont stand. Just sits.
What sickness could make her act like this?
Could be heat stress? I assume your temps/humidity are as bad as ours. One of mine did this a while back when temp wasn't so high, but turned warm, humid after a cooler spell. She didn't show the usual wings away from body, just mouth open, weak and shaky with eyes closed.

Try getting her to drink, place her in a cool spot, try placing some cool water on wattles/comb. Watch her closely.

Doubt she is choking, they usually honk and move around til they cough it up.

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