Hen not doing rigHt

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  1. nigtsky

    nigtsky Hatching

    Sep 18, 2014
    1 Year
    -Standing witH semi ruffled featHers
    -Not eating or drinking
    -not laying down (in isolation box in mud room)
    -breatHing appears mildly labored
    -abdomen feels somewHat distended

    HaVe been syringing probiotis and eletrolytes wit organiC yogurt/water

    offered soaked layer pellets but no interest

    GaVe Hen a warm batH in Case of egg binding - SHe produCed a small amount of manure during tHat but in 18 Hours I''Ve seen no manure in box.

    (sorry my keyboard is aCting up and not all of my lowerCases are working!

    any tHougts

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