Hen not doing well


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11 Years
Jun 8, 2008
NE Michigan
One of my gold comet hens, Nellie, isn't acting quite right. She's standing in the corner, not moving or joining the other hens for their nightly lettuce and grass. She's holding her wings--left moreso but right too--a little away from her body and down a bit. When I picked her up, she at first beat her wings furiously and jumped out of my arms. The second time I picked her up, she made a gurgling sound in her throat. She's not sneezing or coughing nor is there any discharge. She does have some dried poop on her left side (not sure how it go there). Her own poop was on the runny side but not completely liquid. I offered food to her but she didn't show any interest.

It has been raining every day for the past week and the run is a soupy muddy mess. I cleaned things up as best I could and got clean water in the run too.

Any thoughts?

there is a post on here somewhere with pics of poop and different illness associated with the poop. good luck.
She's doing better today, she came out to peck at scratch with the other hens this morning. The rooster's been pretty amorous lately and I wonder if he maybe "made her sore" yesterday.

But I'll continue to keep an eye on her. Thanks!

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