Hen or Roo?


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Apr 27, 2016
This is my Betty. She's my favorite of this bunch so I'm hoping like heck she isn't a roo because I can't have roo's. She's/he's a 6 week old EE. Her comb just started getting color yesterday and I noticed the start of wattles... I'm sure she's a roo, but I'm just checking and hoping (with my fingers crossed) that maybe I'm wrong...

The chicken in question is the one on the right. The one on the left is also an EE, but as you can see, her comb is much smaller and not at all pink.

I'm so sorry to say this, but definitely a handsome little cockerel.....

Where did these birds come from?

I agree the little bird in question is a cockerel. He doesn't look like a hatchery EE, but he does look like he could be a CCL mix.

The other bird in the middle pic also does not look like an EE. From the pic I'm thinking speckled Sussex, but we'd need a better pic to be sure.
They all came from mypetchicken.com. So now I'm confused about what they actually sent me. Because I ordered two EE and those two were the only two that looked alike as babies. I did order a speckled sussex, but lost one of my chicks and thought the one I lost was my SS.... So, where's my other EE? I'm confused now...
MPC is making ID'ing birds problematic
. they've come out with so many "designer crosses", it's really hard to say.

But, the cockerel could be from CCL stock, instead of the classic hatchery EE stock. Still an EE, it's basically semantics anyway since he won't lay you any eggs.

If the other bird has a clean face, straight comb and pink/white skin, it's your Sussex. Sussex and EE chicks can look very similar.

Feel free to post pics of all your birds, and what you ordered. We'll see if we can match things up.
So, I ordered 8 chicks. 1 died. I know what breed 3 of them are so you'll see them in the background of the pictures, but I'm not showing them here. The other four I'm not sure of.

The 5 that I ordered, but don't know who is what (with one left over because of the lost chick) are: 2 Easter Egger's, 1 Olive Egger, 1 Australorp (I suspect this was the one that died), and 1 Speckled Sussex.

Here are the suspects...

This is Bernadette. At first I thought she was the Australorp, but now I thins she's the Olive Egger.

This is Olive Oil. At first I thought she was the Olive Egger, but now I think she's an EE. She has puffy cheeks, but I don't know if you can see them in the pictures. Her legs are green and her skin is really light.

This is Wilma. I thought she was an EE, but now I think she may be the SS. I haven't seen any SS pictures where they have as much white as she does. Her entire chest and the tips of her wings are white.

From left to right are Wilma, Bernadette, and Olive Oil.

Front row left to right is Wilma (susected SS) and Betty (breed unknown)

This is Betty, but now believed to be a Barney. I thought she/he was an EE, but donrae said he may be a CCL mix.

Was the chick that died black with a white underbelly? that would have been your Aussie.

I think you're spot on with the rest of the breeds. Probably Olive Egger, EE, and SS. Not sure where that little barred boy fits in with what you ordered.

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