Hen or Roo?


9 Years
Aug 23, 2010
My husband and I, have been in a debate over whether or not, "SHE", is a hen or a rooster..... Was hoping someone could help us out?
"She" is a 25 wk Dominique. Her legs do not work and she has become, my "Pet"....... Wondering if she was a hen, the possibility of letting her be a sitter........

Yea, that is a single comb....lol
We have two other hens and their combs and waddles are much smaller, but not near as big as our 2 Roo's.......... Hoping she is a hen!
If she has a single comb she is most likely a Barred Rock or Barred Holland, Dominiques have rose combs & though I guess a Dominique could throw a single comb I used to breed them & never had it happen.

So what happened to her legs?
Can she eat/drink okay?
Does her vent stay clean?
Wow! I did not know that... The couple that gave them to us, said they were Dominiques. Thanks for that info!!!!
@ Loddie Da,

I am not sure what happened to her legs......... One day she just could not get up. We have tried the Vitamin B and other supplements and nothing has worked. She eats and drinks and is so nosy....lol Healthy other than her legs, vent is clean and seems pretty happy, other than not being with the rest of the gang.

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