Hen or Rooster?


11 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Walla Walla, WA
Hello everyone,
I have three chicks about three weeks old, today I noticed that Scrambles has longer curled tail feathers while the other two have shorter straight tail feathers. Is this any indication on the sex of the chick at this age? This is the first time I've had chickens and don't really know what I'm looking for :/ any suggestions would be appreciated !! :)
It's still probably too early. I always look for combs, size of legs and wattle development as signs they are roos.
Hi, Ive come here to ask the same question but for a different reason.
My 2 week old chick has those small feathers sticking straight up from the top of its wings, something I don't recall seeing in passed chicks but I do recall a rooster having those spiky feathers at a couple months old.
Could that just be a breed variation?
I finally got around to taking pics!
Below is Scrambles, this is the "pullet" that I think is a roo, the comb is starting to get color and has knobs on it, any suggestions ?



The next two pics are of Temperance and Tweeter which should both be pullets, and have a completely flat comb.


Also, if I have only two hens with a roo will it cause problems with the roo "loving" on them too often? Or should they be ok?
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