Hen picking feathers off another hen


May 1, 2015
I bought ten chickens a week ago that were in an original flock of twenty. The person I bought them off of said the two most dominate hens were sold to another person.
I have two lavender ops in the group and I noticed two days ago one of them is picking the feathers off the other. The poor thing has a bald spot on it's chest/neck. I've noticed it following me around the coop. I feel so bad for it. I did notice today the hen picking at one of my buffingtons but no feathers are missing yet.
I'm relatively new to chicken keeping so I'm not sure exactly what to so.
Is this normal behavior? One showing dominance over the other/establishing a new pecking order. Boredom? Or is this something that I should separate the hen from the rest of the group for?
Any advice would be great!

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