Hen possible egg bound no experience what to do?

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    I have a leghorn that i think might be egg bound because her back end is big and keeps moving like she is trying to push. what should i do? I have no experience dealing with this. she is a great layer and i would hate to lose her. I tried soaking her in some warm water and massaging her but that didnt seem to help and i dont want to end up hurting her if i can help it. she lays down alot but if you get near her or fill up the feed bucket she comes running.
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    try squirting mineral/baby oil in her vent to help lubricate the egg....Put her by herself in a dark, quiet area. Keep up the warm baths and try to massage gently. If she does not pass the egg in a day or two, you will have to break the egg and try and squuirt Saline in her vent to help flush it out and put her on antibiotics and hope she makes it....
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    ive never had to deal with eggbound,but if i remember correctly you let her sit in a warm water bath,like you did,and again if im remembering rub oil around and in her vent to lube her up some.if not at least i can give you a bump...good luck..

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