Hen seemed to drop dead with no symptoms. (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Wee Timmy

Mar 30, 2017
This morning I checked on the chickens and my one-year-old gamefowl mix, Myrtle ran out to greet me as always. She then proceeded to eat and drink. She seemed to have no symptoms at the time whatsoever. I then left the house for two hours, leaving the chickens cooped up, and when I returned, she was dead on the coop floor. She had no bites/cuts/missing feathers etc., the only symptom was that her facial skin was very dark purple, so that might indicate a heart/respiratory problem. No predators could have got into the coop and there was no sign of predators anyways. I will include a photo of her down below but be warned-it’s graphic. Anything helps, thank y’all!

So sorry for your loss. Honestly, without a necropsy there is just no way to know for sure. You can refrigerate the body and send off for necropsy, or do an informal one yourself to look for obvious things if you are up to that.
Same thing happened to us, silkie just dead on the coop floor... other girls were totally fine and have been ever since ? Do you chickens free range ?
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Could just be SDS, sudden death syndrome. Sometimes, chickens just die for no reason.
Sorry for your loss.

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