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Mar 14, 2018
I introduced three new chicks to my flock in April and there was some sorting of pecking order. At this time my older birds (all three, three years old) were getting along and using the roost bar. Since the pecking of younger ones continued for a few weeks, I added a second roost bar slightly lower hoping that would help them resolve their issues. Now all were fine but my speckled sussex started sleeping on the coop floor. I let it go a few days and then started extracting her and putting her on the roost, noticing that her droppings were getting stuck in her booty feathers only to find her on the coop floor again. Then she was missing those booty fluff. I treated her with terramycin as recommended by a local farmer. When I started that treatment, she wasn't eating but now she is. But she continues to stay on the coop floor and doesn't attempt to roost. My worry- is she sick, or is she injured. We live in pacific northwest and if she stays alone she will die in the winter. If others are isolating her (I see no pecking behaviors during the day and all hens tolerate her fine) then I don't know if I am risking spreading something deadly to the flock. The nearest bird vet is quite a ways away and has not called back after numerous calls. How can I help her get back on the roost without hurting others?
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Although roosting is a natural and desirable behavior, I have a couple of hens who seem to prefer sleeping on the floor. If she's eating and she doesn't seem injured, sick or poopy anymore, MAYBE it's just personal preference.

On the other hand, I tend to see any deviation from the norm as something that I need to DO something about. So, I guess I might try putting her on the roost a few more times and see what happens.

If you can't get a response from the vet, can you call a county or state university extension office? In Iowa, there is a small farm animal specialist at Iowa State University who doesn't treat chickens but can answer questions.

Good luck with finding a solution.
Well. She is only choosing this location to sleep at night. During day she is up and about but not quite like she used to be. She is 3, but so are other hens. Others 3 year old are not the same breed.

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