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    Oct 18, 2014
    I am raising Chocolate turkeys that were born March 25, 2014. I have 4 females and 4 males. They all have sweet personalities, with occasional fights amongst the toms. However, this week one of the hens has begun squawking most of the day. I have looked her over closely and she looks fine. She is eating and weight is good, but she cries all day. It isnt a sound like she is in pain, but more the call they make when they cant find the gang. She makes the call even when everyone is together. None of the others are doing it and I cant figure out what is wrong with her. I have not seen any mating going on so far, although the toms display for the girls a lot. We let the turkeys free range during the day and lock them up at night for protection. The turkeys like to hang out with the ducks and I found an odd egg in my duck nest boxes that was highly tapered on one end. I have never seen a turkey egg so I am not sure if that was what it was, or just a very odd duck egg. We dont want to let the hens to nest until next spring when they are older, so I havent made nesting areas for them. Do hens squawk like that when ready to lay? Any advice on brooding behavior and egg shape would be appreciated.
  2. My turkeys did that when they were together and apart!!!

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