Hen w/ maggots - HELP

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    May 13, 2010
    Yesterday I posted about my neighbor's dogs attacking my prized rooster. I thought they had also carried off one of my Cukoo Marans. 24 hours later the Marans has returned. She's pretty chewed up on her back. The worst part is her back is crawling with what seems like thousands of little worms. Are these maggots? I don't know where this hen spent the night and I am really surprised she survived. I have sprayed her back with a first aid antiseptic but I hesitate to pour peroxide on the poor thing. If she lives through the night can anyone tell me how to get rid of these truly disgusting worms and keep my hen safe?


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    Dec 10, 2009
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    See my thread "worms or maggots" I posted this morning. Faced with similar situation. Most likely maggots. I washed many off of her with hose and the only think I had that I thought would kill them is peroxide. She didn't seem to mind. After pouring on wound many times today, looking better, but they still pop their ugly heads out, so there are more. No fellow chicken lover suggested SWAT from the feed store to kill them. Good luck and hope you win your battle with these horrific, disgusting maggots.

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