Hen walking backwards


8 Years
Apr 26, 2013
Staten Island, NY
I have some quail that hatched on February 24, 2014. One of my Italian hens walks forward then brings her head close to her body and walks backward. What is she doing? Is she ok?
Guys not be the one who breaks up the laugh fest but that bird has hit it's head and has brain damage or it has encephalitis. examine it's head for wounds. Has anything scared them and caused them to flush lately?

Sometimes it's just caused by cranial swelling that will recede. Most often you will need to euthanize the bird.

Doubtful that it is encephalitis, unless they have had access to moldy food.

Separate it and give it a couple days to heal if you'd like, and it seems humane. There is a small chance it will heal.
Thanks for giving it to me straight. I examined her and don't see any damage to her head. They do jump around any time I go near the pen to clean and such. I will be keeping an eye her.

Thanks again!

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