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    May 13, 2012
    My son has started raising Australorps and we are having trouble with his favorite hen. She is a little less than a year old and started walking oddly for about a month. at first we suspected she was egg bound, but after a period of about 24 hours and working with her using warm bath and keeping her quiet and warm she layed a normal egg. This was her last egg she has layed. Since then her walking condition has not changed, and she almost looks like a penguin that she is so vertical in her stance. We can manipulate her to stand correctly (so it is not a seized/ tightened muscles) but even her feet are becoming deformed (bending slightly) since she has been like this so long. We are feeding blue seal layer pellets, plenty of grit, oyster shells, and are adding electrolytes/ minerals to their water. Currently she mostly lays around and walks to eat/ drink not just to peck around. Not sure if this is b/c she is now bottom girl or if she is that uncomfortable. I forgot to mention that I have not felt any hotspot or warm area that would indicate a broken bone. Thank you.
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