Hen with a runny nose

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  1. Kittyf

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    My young (almost 1 yr old) Barred Rock hen has a runny nose. I noticed it out in the run today where she was romping with the other 5 hens. Everyone else looks good, but Spot was blowing "snot bubbles" (anyone with an 8 yr old kid will recognize this term!) as she foraged around through the treat pan and the hanging cabbages. I wiped her beak, but it just came back.

    She seems fine otherwise, is eating well and running about playing. She seems to be breathing fine. Can she have an allergy? The next door neighbors are sneezing because their avocado trees are in bloom...I'm lucky not to have nasal allergies. But could Spot have a cold or an allergy? What should I do for her?

  2. BuffOrpington88

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Watch her for a little while, if she stays like that try separating her in a warm place and make sure she eats and drinks. It could possibly be a respiratory infection.
    Good Luck!
  3. Kittyf

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    Thank you, Buff - she looks better today and is very active. She laid a beautiful egg this morning and it seemed good. I cleaned her nose again, and have not seen any more mucous. Fingers crossed for her!
    Thank you,

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