hen with a scabby patch-- need advice

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    Dec 26, 2014
    my first post is a bummer!!
    I've had chickens for going on four years and this is a first. i have an otherwise healthy partridge silkie who in just a few days developed a scabby patch on the back of her head and some on top. i thought it was the other birds that did it, but now i'm thinking maybe parasites? no blood, no scratching. just like a dry callous patch. whats also very notable is that the other birds have very suddenly bumped her to the bottom of the pecking order. she is isolating herself and they are isolating her too. all other birds are in fantastic condition. there was a recent change in pecking order but she wasn't really part of that. i cant see any mites visually. perhaps an infestation that i cant see? while it is really cold up here in the northeast right now, i do know that infestations can happen regardless. thoughts? she is otherwise eating and peppy.
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    I'm having a similar thing with my silkies who are currently going through a leadership battle. I would check for mites first though. Is it actually a scab or a bald spot?
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    Jul 17, 2014
    I live in Missouri.
    Can you post some pics. It sounds to me like frost bite, which they usually get it on there heads because that's where their most exposed and you said it's really cold so that might be the case. I know with cow there frost bite looks like giant patches of scabs.
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    Dec 25, 2014
    Some pics would be very helpful. The scabby patch must be a result of molting. Sometimes chickens develop those kinds of things. If this is caused by parasites then I recommend that you use Poultry Protector, Sevin Dust 5% (carbaryl powder) or Ivermectin. These are parasite fighting products which you can find at the feed store. You may want to look into these products a little. If you want a quick home remedy then put Diatomaceous Earth in their nesting boxes, bedding, feathers, and most importantly their dust baths. Hope this helps :)

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