Hen with big red belly!


7 Years
Feb 8, 2012
My hen has a big red belly and holds her tail down.. What should I do for her.. Can I but desitin on her?
can you post a picture of her belly?
Is it swollen or just red?
Has she been laying any eggs? she could possible be egg bound, or an internal egg layer.
I will try and get a picture later today.. Her belly is swollen almost feels like a water balloon..I could just cry! I take such good care of my girls, and the neighbor across the street could careless about his and nothing ever happens to them.. So what can I do to help her if she is egg bound? Should I be feeding them can corn or is that bad for them? That's how I get them in the hen house at night... They are really picky eaters...
Thanks for your reply!
Has she been laying any eggs? That is a huge question.
If she has been laying eggs, I would lean more so to egg binding. but if she not been laying... It could very well be that she is laying eggs internally. :( From what you say it sounds like.
Have you been finding any shell less eggs, or soft, strange eggs?

I had a hen that had something similar. For my hen, she had this issue that would come and go. I use to give her a calcium drench. ( A goat product you can buy at the feed store.) I would give her 1/2 cc. plus D3.

I would give your girl a TUM. The extra calcium will help to get things moving if there is an egg stuck. Try to keep her eating and drinking.

I am quoting this
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I am sorry, I know just how you feel. I take really good care of my peeps too, and I know some people that don't seem to care at all and theirs never seem to get sick. :(

I will say a prayer for your little hen.

I have 3 hens and haven't had any eggs in awhile...But, the other day there was a very tiny egg hard shell but no yolk...I will try and give her another warm bath tomorrow... I read where I could give her Calcium Drench, I understand the 1/2cc but what is the D3?... And how would you give them a tums...I appreciate the info and the prayer! Hopefully she will be all better in the morning! Thanks for your reply!
Crush a tum up and stick it in something she will eat it. give it to her anyway you can. force it if you need to.
Its vitamin D3. It will help her hold the calcium.

Good luck, and please keep my updated.
Unfortunately she didn't make it.. She had water belly! I take really good care of my girls.. They never want for anything, food ,water, treats, clean coop, free ranch on 2 acres, and lots of love and for some reason I always loose them... So sad! Thanks for your help!
I am so sorry :(
I am sure you take wonderful care of them. You gave her a beautiful life. I felt the same way a few years ago, when I hit a rough spot in keeping chicken. It will get better. Take care

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