Hen with bloated, squishy crop - UPDATE - DIAGNOSIS


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
One of our RIR hens has been isolating herself since yesterday. She's about 8 months old and not eating much. I checked her out yesterday morning and she seemed fine...but I noticed her crop was large and seemed full of food (unusual since it was early in the morning). By evening, it felt like it was full of liquid and very large. This morning it feels like it's filled with air - squishy and large. Have never seen this in any of our chickens. She ate a small bit of fresh corn and a couple sips of water this morning. I don't want to lose her but am not sure how to help. Any suggestions?

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Do a search on "impacted crop" and "sour crop" here on BYC. I'm guessing she may have a sour crop. You can save her but you'll need to act quickly. She's essentially starving right now and will need aid.

Good luck. jenn.
I've read a few links but can't find any info about how to empty her crop. Anyone?

That post addresses an impacted crop...the hen's is filled with liquid and/or air. Should I still force water/baking soda down her throat? Seems counter-productive to reducing the fluid/bloat, no?

I will just figure it out myself. Thought I'd get alittle more help here.

Honestly y'all, I have Google and am perfectly capable of searching it. I come here for advice based on people's experience. It really irritates me when the only responses I get are links to other people posts or articles. Each situation is unique. I take the time to respond to people who ask basic questions when I have personal experience that I think can help them. I don't just brush them off. Come on!

I had a bird act really weird once....like he was dying....and his crop was a little bloated and sandy feeling. Turns out he ate too fast so I gave him some olive oil with a dropper and it really helped.
Thanks Kelly. She's recovering. The fluid went away by itself. I gave her some yogurt with a bit of olive oil and kept massaging the crop to get rid of the remaining contents. Took about 3 days, but her crop feels normal now.
Thats GREAT!

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