Hen with bloody stool and shaking


9 Years
Oct 11, 2010
Hi I have a hen that shivers when she walks and now she has blood in her stool. She only walks and shakes a few steps and then sits for long periods of time while the other hens are pecking around as normal. Any ideas as to how to help her? The Vet is out of the question because of finances. Thanks so much. arbonne
Thank you sooooo much for responding so quickly. My hen is 6 months old, she is a merron/araconda (spelling?) mix. I am looking into the poo page now.
Thanks, arbonne
The classic look for coccidiosis is a young chicken, lethargic, feathers fluffed up, sitting in a corner by herself, won't eat or drink, then dies within a few days. (From my own sad experience and reading on this message board.) Some do survive it, maybe quite a few of the flock, but the intestinal damage stays and may affect their egglaying, general health and weight gain.

I lost one chicken but the rest of the flock survived and they seem fine now (but I treated immediately--that day).
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The poo page ROCKS. So many questioned and concerns were just answered!!
The poo page has a few pictures labeled normal that I think are abnormal.
Below are normal, I agree. If the majority of a chicken's poop does *not* look like this, there is probably a problem.

For example, if one sees this all day long, I'd be willing to bet that the chicken has a problem like coccidiosis.
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