Hen with broken and peeling beak?

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Will update with pics soon.

    My little Old English hen is always being picked on by the other chickens. I am in 4-H poultry and she is my show bird, so I went out to work with her today, and noticed some spots on her beak are peeling, chipping, one spot even has a small hole!

    These are not bleeding, so it is not bad yet...but I can't show her with pieces missing out of her beak.

    Any idea what it is caused by/ has anybody had this happen to their chickens---and is there anything I can put on it or give to her to help it heal?
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    Quote:From reading old posts it appears that beaks do grow back. If you are sure it's from other chickens picking on her I would suggest seperating her. If you are not sure of the cause, more info is needed. A pic would be great.

    Good luck,

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