Hen with cuts on leg, please help - our first real "bo-bo"

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    Nov 10, 2012
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    Penny is about 5.6-6 weeks old. She's a sweetie. We got her at TSC in the Black Wyandotte straight run batch, but she sure looks like a Barred Rock to us. Anyway, I went out to check on them just a few minutes ago and I noticed she was holding her right leg up and not really wanting to walk. She can walk and does to get water, peck/scratch the ground, and get to the feeder BUT she prefers not to, resting on the ground a lot. She has what looks to be a cut just above the ankle in the front of the leg. Also are a few other much smaller little cuts around this one. It is bloody, but not still bleeding. I was worried about the other hens noticing it and causing her grief so I brought her inside and put her in the kennel we used when they were little chicks.

    Here's what common sense tells me to do, but I wanted to see what others said first before I do it all:
    1. rinse it in warm water (actually already did this)
    2. spray it with Epicare Poulty Aid
    3. wrap it with flex wrap tape I have on hand
    4. put her back out with the rest so she won't be alone and they know she is missing

    I took a pick with my phone but this makes it look worse because it's not straight on

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    Sounds like you did well! I would just spray some Blu Kote on it once a day and call it good. lol
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    Very well done. It may be good to give her a break for a couple of days and keep it wrapped if possible. With tape if you have to. If the other birds see the injury they may get curious and start pecking and making things worse.. Good going ! Steve

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