Hen with distended abdomen and rooster wanting to mate question

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    I have a hen with a distended abdomen. Now that she seems to be feeling better other then her abdomen being swollen I am trying to integrate her back into the flock. The neighbors rooster who has adopted our flock wants to try and breed her when I let her free range with the other hens under supervision. She hasn't laid an egg since I acquired her back in November and I am wondering that if she is having reproductive issues or whatever is ailing her and with her distended abdomen if it is ok if the rooster does his thing with her or should I try and keep him away from her? I just don't want him to cause her any discomfort or damage anything inside of her.
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    The bottom line will come down to if you are willing to keep her separate or not. I have had injured or ill chickens that stopped laying for days. I do not believe the rooster doing "his thing" will make any difference. The only issue I would be concerned about is if the "chicken surfing" would cause more injury.

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