Hen with eye completely clouded over.....help!

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  1. RyanAndMeri

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    Sep 10, 2007
    Last night we discovered that our buff Orp "Scarlet" had some grey spots in her left eye. Less than 4 hours later it was COMPLETELY clouded over.

    What would cause this and how can I try to 'fix' it?

    Background on Scarlet: She is recovering from a nasty dog bit. Took a chuck right out of her left breast. One very expensive vet trip later she was full of antibiotics to fight a bad infection and came home with a tube of topical antibiotic ointment to put on her wound. The wound is looking good. It doesn't smell bad or look like its oozing. Up until about two days ago she was eating TONS and drinking tons of water. Poor dear -- the antibiotics caused major diarrhea. We've fed her yogurt and oatmeal and other things to keep her appetite up and keep calories in her. She loves meal worms. Two days ago she started getting a little listless and isn't drinking/eating as much. I wasn't too concerned because she's also molting. But now...

    It just never rains but it pours at our house.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Oct 5, 2009
    Austin, Texas
    My buff orpington was also attacked by a dog who bit her on the head. Her eye swelled up and about a week later clouded over. I put ointment (forgot what it is called) from the feed supply store on it and eventually, the swelling went down and the clouding went away. She is now blind in that eye though. I'm sorry to hear about your bird. I hope she recovers completely.

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