Hen with gurgling/sneezing that comes and goes, what gives?

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    Jan 11, 2015
    Hello. This is my first official post, but I come here often looking for advice and information. I went through quite a few pages already searching for info on my problem first, but nothing that quite fit my particular situation.

    I have a nearly year old Brahma hen that is definitely my baby. When I got her last year as a chick, she had a prolapsed vent but I managed to nurse her to the big sweet girl she is now.

    Anyhow, my first post is about a problem that I have had with her 3 times since summer, and today it has started up again. Each time she has had coughing/sneezing fits with gurgling. There's usually a little bit of mucous, no sour smell from her mouth, no neck stretching. The first time I panicked and contacted my vet immediately, but by the next day she was fine. I wormed all of the hens after that, just to be safe.

    Back in October, the same thing again. It was a weekend and no vet available. I bought some VetRx at TSC, and the next day no problem. Which brings me to today....same deal, sneezing and gurgling, no real symptoms aside from that. Since the weather is so cold here, and ice predicted for later, I'm afraid to leave her outside just in case THIS TIME something is really wrong.

    Am I overreacting? I have assumed if it was something like a respiratory infection or gapeworm, the symptoms wouldn't disappear overnight. Can hens just get stuff caught in their throats or nostrils after a busy day of scratching and rolling around in the dirt that might cause this to happen?

    Finally, what can I do to ease this problem for her? I gave the girls some treats a bit ago to make sure she would eat and she had no troubles.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Welcome to BYC. Have you checked her crop when she was gurgling? I would not massage it, since if it is full, she could aspirate crop contents, but I would feel of it to see if it is full and balloon-like. Sneezing can be from dust in her feed or in the coop. I don't understand the symptoms starting, and then gone overnight. I supposed she could be allergic to something in the coop, but I would be tempted to get her checked for MG, since it is a chronic respiratory disease. Symptoms can be treated with Tylan 50 injectable given either as a shot or given orally for 3-5 days. Dosage is 0.2 ml or cc per pound of weight daily. Here is a link about respiratory diseases: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044

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