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    May 4, 2009
    i have 2 hens and each hatched off one chick and left the rest of the eggs which i palaced under another broody. These hens were fighting the other chickens. do most allow these chickens and chick to stay with other chickens or do you separate them into another pen..we have separated them out but this is hard on us to do it that way?

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    Different people do it different ways. A lot depends on how much room you have and the personality of the individual chickens. If you have enough room for the mama hen to keep her chick out from underfoot of the other hens it will normally work out great for the hen to raise the chicks. If space is tight, the other hens may kill the chicks. How much space is enough depends on your layout and the personality of the chickens involved. If you have space, wha normally happens is that one of the other hens tries to peck a chick, mama severely reprimands the hen, the lesson is learned and the hens no longer bother the chicks. But you are dealing with living creatures. What normally happens is not always what does happen. The fighting you mentioned may just have been the mama hen telling the other hens to leave her chick alone, something that is necessary for a hen to raise her chick with the flock.

    With two broody hens, each with one chick, you have an additional complication. It is not at all unusual for one broody hen to take chicks away from another broody hen. This can involve a lot of vicious fighting between the two broody hens. Sometimes chicks get hurt in these fights. On the other hand, sometimes two broodies will work well together raising the chicks. This is unusual and I don't recommend you try it, but it shows how dependent on the individual personalities this is. If it is the two broodies fighting each other, I'd suggest giving both your chicks to one broody and break the other from being broody.

    I can't tell you which way to go but I hope this helps.

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