Hen with head/neck turned way to side. Help?

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    Feb 22, 2014
    Yesterday morning I noticed one of the young adult hens holding her head tipped at a slight angle to one side. By evening, it was very pronounced, with her neck bending over so far at times that her head was almost upside down.
    I put her in a crate by herself after offering her food and water. She is able to peck at and pick up grains, but does not do well with water, as she cannot tip her head backwards but only sideways. She can lift her head almost upright, but then it goes over again.
    If she can’t drink and get around, it’s probably best to dispatch her sooner rather than later, unless this is some condition that is temporary, but I have no idea what it is, nor whether it is something that can affect the other birds.
    She does not appear to have been injured and her weight is fine. I'll have to poke around in the straw in the dog crate to see if her pop is strange. Didn't think to do that.
    If you recognize this condition, please advise!!! Thanks.
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    How old is she? Wry neck, crook neck torticolis is what you are describing, and can be a symptom of head injury, brain inflammation, or from Mareks disease or avian leukosis.In younger birds it may be due to vitamin E and selenium deficiency or heredity. Is there any weakness in her legs or wings? Most people treat with poultry vitamins in the water plus adding some egg, tuna, nuts, sunflower seeds, in a small amount to give selenium. Mixing water into a small amount of her feed, and holding her in a towel to help her eat may get enough food and water into her. It can take days or weeks sometimes to see any results in this. Here is some reading for you:

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