hen with head wound


7 Years
Nov 14, 2012
I have a hen that is 7 months old and my rooster has taken a chunk out of her neck. I have kept her separated from the flock and given her medicated feed. I think she will pull through but I am worried that the flock might not except her back after a while? I alsoe have a really aggressive road island red rooster that won't leave her alone. Will he leave her alone when she is better? or is he just making her his target for good? I have two small leflure bantoms one rooster one hen that have been in a coop right next to my plymoth rock and road islands can I mix these even with the size difference?last but not least I have a 7 month old road island red rooster for free! He is a fertalizing fool and I have one to many roosters.

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