hen with her crop that is looping over


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Jun 6, 2016
Masaryktown, Florida
new to this site. I have posted pictures of the hens I got from someone and one of the hem
comb is folding over what does that mean all the other hems are fine. Sorry but I don't know how to look up my other post..
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Please forgive me ... the question is unclear ... probably because of my own ignorance.

Did you mean their crop or their comb? What do you mean by looping over?

I saw your pics, good looking birds :)
the comb.. sorry about that wasn't sure what it was called.
Okay, thank you! The crop is part of the digestive tract and I didn't want to give you a wrong opinion!

It is perfectly normal for a chicken's comb to be limp and flopped over sometimes. It is common to see after laying and can even look a little pale right after. If anything, it means they could use a little water just now ... but it is normal and NOT a problem!

More important Is color. If the comb is CONSISTENTLY pale, could mean a health issue.

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