Hen with no feathers, not molting

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    This is Martin, she is a year and a half old. She is Sizzle x Showgirl. Both her mother and Uncle? had feather issues. They ended up partly naked because the feathers broke off. My guess was bad breeding, Frizzle x Frizzle. Both of them are no longer around. I decided not to hatch any of her mother's eggs but this one ended up in the incubator accidentally. She has been like this since June. She is not molting because she has no new growth showing. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar. Will the feathers regrow? We are in Michigan and cold weather will be here soon and I'm not sure what that means for Martin.

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    Mar 16, 2014
    Here are some of my suggestions
    • mites or ticks (parasites)
    • fowl poxs(looks like pimples red and irrated)No cure for fowl pox as it is a viral diesesase
    • lack of nutritional foods(eg greens and shell grit)
    • feather pecking a dominance issue
    • Roosters getting to keen on the girls
    Mites or ticks:buy repellant see a vet
    Fowl poxs:nothing you can really do
    Lack of nutrition: give more greens and fresh water
    feather pecking: separate the two hens
    Roosters to keen on the hens: lock the rooster up from time to time
    If the skin is damaged use tree-pruning sealer.
    Hope this helps

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